Don't Know Where To Begin?

Marketing Strategy: Don't Know Where To Begin?

Where do I begin?

So many questions -> so many directions. It's not an easy task planning out your marketing for the year, quarter, month, week or day. Yes, marketing each day! What some people don't realize is that as working professionals, we are always marketing - our employers, our companies and even ourselves. 

So, let's focus on marketing for your employer or your company.

First things first: how many resources do you have marketing your brand? Believe it or not, the number of people you have (or fractions of various people) determines the bandwidth of your capabilities. Secondly, what is your marketing budget? While most companies focus on this first, it's actually a secondary consideration. Why? You can outsource most marketing initiatives (traditional and digital) without the extra headcount and employee expenses associated with hiring someone. Keep in mind that someone always needs to be involved from strategy development through -> implementation, however. Experts need to be the voice, or influence the voice, of their brand.

Once you have the marketing support and budget identified, now comes the fun part! 

When speaking with someone regarding your marketing strategy, keep your business goals in mind. All marketing efforts should align with, or drive, business results.

In doing so, here are 5 questions to consider:

  • Who is my target market?
  • Where is my target market most likely to respond to my brand?
  • What business goal/s am I trying to achieve?
  • What metrics do I need to capture? 
  • How will I manage the responses to my call-to-action?

Keep in mind that we're always marketing. Going to a networking event? Marketing. Conducting a webinar? Marketing. Writing a blog post? Guess what? Marketing. 

Creating a marketing strategy can be fun! It's also a great excuse to try new technologies (or revisit the tried-and-true). Either way, if you find you aren't excited about marketing your brand, find a resource that you'd like to partner and work together to create your strategy. From there, anything is possible!


We love marketing so send us a message so we can connect and see what would work best for your company!

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