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1. 5 Tech Questions Every Marketer Needs to Ask

A gap between marketing and IT still exists. To maximize communication and increase understanding for the team, here are 5 questions to ask before creating a statement of work.  

Tags: technology, marketing
2. Marketing Strategy: Don't Know Where To Begin?

How often are you not sure what to do with your marketing budget? Or HOW to know what to do with your marketing budget? 

Although it appears easy to market a brand with a Twitter profile and a Facebook page, there is so much more to it! 

Tags: marketing, marketing strategy, media strategy, strategy
3. Stepping Back

How often do you take a step back?

We often read about forging ahead with marketing our brand whether it's in mobile, with Facebook, or trying the latest and greatest (i.e. Yahoo! Axis). I often think about the fragmented, increasingly complex plethora of choices brands have.

Tags: evaluation, marketing, media re-evalution, media strategy
4. 10 Items: Google+ vs. Facebook

Google+ is kind of like a mashup between Facebook and Twitter. Or applying the Twitter model to Facebook. With a twist. Like Twitter, you can “follow” anyone without an approval by the other person. Like Facebook, you can easily follow the newsfeed of information of your connections. But, G+ is taking it further and making information exchange and communication easier. And there is forethought into the strategy that will differentiate and attract users and engagement.

Tags: comparison, facebook, google+, marketing, top 10
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