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1. How do you know?

Are you marketing your brand in the right places? A lot of small to medium businesses start a profile on a new site because everyone else is or perhaps because that's where they spend their time as an individual. But are those the best places to represent your business?  

Tags: media strategy, marketing model, strategy, marketing strategy
2. Marketing Strategy: Don't Know Where To Begin?

How often are you not sure what to do with your marketing budget? Or HOW to know what to do with your marketing budget? 

Although it appears easy to market a brand with a Twitter profile and a Facebook page, there is so much more to it! 

Tags: marketing, marketing strategy, media strategy, strategy
3. Google Content vs. Facebook Graph Search

How different would the results of a Google search be from a Facebook search? I’m thinking, pretty different.

How we search today, whether Google, Yelp or Foursquare, will change with Facebook’s Graph Search (FGS). In fact, instead of adding another player to the game, I think this will be a game changer, or lifestyle changer. If we think about how the non-search engines have made strides in how we search on our mobile devices, FGS is going to change strides in the digital world in which we are so connected to communicating with friends, families and businesses – then personalize it.

Tags: facebook graph search, google+, search relevancy, strategy
4. What’s in your Play Book?

Imagine this scenario:  It’s late in the game, only 12 seconds remain in the 4th quarter and you are down 34-28.  The ball rests at the opponent’s 20 yard line.  It’s been a great, competitive game. But it’s all about the next 12 seconds. The rest of the game is history and now’s your chance to make it happen, bring it home and win the conference title. All your team needs is a touchdown and the title is yours. All the practices, the strategic plays, the coach’s motivational speeches and the training sessions to understand each player’s strengths…and now, with 12 seconds to go, this is the moment. It’s time to make this win a reality.

Tags: 4th quarter, differentiate, play book, strategy
5. Twitter Group Building Strategy

What’s the general rule for creating a Twitter following and building your Twitter group?

Follow someone or a business and they will follow you back. My rule of thumb is a little different. Why? Because I want to follow those of interest, provide value and are consistent (yet fun!). I scan Tweets throughout the day and want to maximize my time reading the contributions of my group so I can learn, think and apply. So, here it goes!

Tags: evaluation, group creation, strategy, twitter
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