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1. 5 Tech Questions Every Marketer Needs to Ask

A gap between marketing and IT still exists. To maximize communication and increase understanding for the team, here are 5 questions to ask before creating a statement of work.  

Tags: technology, marketing
2. Using personal technology for work? Yep!

Does this seem unethical? Originally, I thought so.

In reality, and with today’s technology, it’s unusual for a company to provide ALL the necessary technology we need to effectively do our jobs AND provide those devices for personal use.

Tags: devices, technology, work vs personal
3. Mobile, Tablet or Laptop…Oh my!

Did you read about the time when mobile device sales exceeded PC sales?

You may have recently – and it’s true! According to research firm IDC, a new record has been set: mobile devices grew 87% (100.1M) Q4 2010 (compared to Q4 2009) while PCs grew 3% (92.1M). Although PCs, laptops, tablets and mobile devices serve different purposes, it’s truly amazing to see the growth in mobile devices out pace that of PCs.

Tags: check list, laptop, making decisions, mobile, pc, tablet, technology
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