Mobile App Development

Did you know consumers spend 85% of time on their mobile devices in apps? Although only 5 apps see heavy use, using an app over their browser is a trend - that continues to grow. TechCrunch has a great article from June 22, 2015 you should read!

As mobile app usage continues to increase, the need for your brand to be "mobile" is increasingly critical. A few questions:

  • When was the last time you evaluated your mobile strategy? 
  • How is your target audience interacting with their mobile devices? 
  • Should you be a part of that interaction? 

KenKay Marketing helps answer these questions and guides you through a strategy that works best for your business. Part of what we do is evaluate your current state and identify the most relevant mobile opportunities for your business and to achieve your business goals. Forrester research indicates that to be valuable to your customers, you need a comprehensive mobile app strategy.  

Our mobile development team understands the native platforms (iOS, Android, Microsoft and Blackberry) and are able to build the best solution for your business - and one that creates engagement with your customers as well as loyalty.  

A mobile app might be the missing piece and keeping you from being unique in your space, driving more relevant leads to your business and ultimately increasing customer engagement. 

Schedule time to review your strategy and determine if a mobile app is a solution to consider.