Multi-Channel Customer Experience

Successful businesses know that everything depends on their customers' experience with their brand. They also know that customers aren't just engaging with their products and services - they are making an emotional connection to the brand based on that experience.

The result of these interactions has multiple impacts such as

  1. How much money they will spend with you
  2. Whether they return to buy from you again, and
  3. Whether they recommend your business to others

What's the best way to have engaging interactions with customers? 

Each customer is unique. Using the brand's voice and interacting with questions and observations is important. By engaging someone in a discussion, you learn more about your audience, they learn more about your business and your product/service (all without a sales pitch).

Where else do you think this person - and others like him/her - are? If this is your ideal customer, research and find out which platforms they are using. Conducting digital research can be fun and exciting - and help you build your ideal target customers persona. 

How will you start engaging with customers? To help you get started, here are a few tips:

  1. Watch the news feeds.
    • What better place to engage than at the time the post is made! Whether you're watching hashtags on Twitter, reading a Facebook post, viewing a Periscope live stream or reviewing photos on Instagram, you have text and visual posts in which to respond. 
  2. Respond to posts.
    • And don't forget #hashtags where appropriate! If you aren't sure what hashtag to use, make up your own or conduct a search to see if and how often the hashtag is used. 
    • Make it helpful (but not "Hey, check out my product!") and establish your brand as a thought leader in your space. 
  3. Create posts.
    • Post a quote. That's always a good place to start - and include #quotes #inspirationalquotes to expand your reach.
    • Post a question. Are you interested in knowing who prefers using Periscope or Meerkat? Ask questions that will help you start building your audience/ target customer persona. 
    • Post a picture or video. On Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, SnapChat or YouTube and include a caption. If it's funny, add "Caption this" to create fun and engagement. That will get a response - and gives people a break from their day while you're engaging with your customers :)

Keep in mind that if you're posting, responding or asking questions, you're taking steps to engage with your customers and in making an emotional connection. 

The most important thing is to respond to those customers - without a sales pitch - as quickly as possible. Respond to all posts where you and/or your brand is tagged. 

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